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These Are the 7 Biggest TikTok Fashion Trends Right Now

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With summer fast approaching, you might be wondering what clothes are hot and what are, well, decidedly not. After all, only some things we own can be in style. Lucky(ish) enough, TikTok tells it like it is, so if you’re spring cleaning your closet https://bogorupdate.id/ and wondering what to purge, we’ve turned to our For You pages to assist. (And don’t worry, coastal grandma isn’t totally out). From the Coastal Cowgirl aesthetic that’s said to dominate this summer’s fashion to long denim skirts, crochet dresses, and many more unique looks, these aesthetics give ‘90s nostalgia, grunge, and a little Western touch.

We maxed out our screen time to find the seven best TikTok trends dominating the platform right now, regardless of budget or personal style. These popular trends can fit anyone’s taste, and we’re confident they’ll last the summer.

Coastal Cowgirl

Inspired by the Western aesthetic with a modern beachy twist, Coastal Cowgirl combines Western style and beach attire. Think flowy sundresses with wide-brimmed hats, cowboy boots with denim shorts, chunky belts with oversized buckles, and more. While the two aesthetics are seemingly opposite, it represents a carefree, adventurous lifestyle that many people strive to have. It’s a romantic, dreamy attire for a simple rural life that resonates with many.

Biker Core

If you want to express yourself boldly this summer, Biker Core is your trend. This aesthetic is all about a sleek and edgy look, featuring black leather jackets, denim, and silver accessories, along with studded belts, combat boots, and oversized sunglasses. It’s associated with a rebellious attitude and uses black and white colors for simplicity.

The trend has even generated a subgenre called “soft biker core,” which incorporates feminine elements like pastel colors and floral prints into the traditional biker aesthetic. No matter your pick, you can expect to see edgier details mixed into summer styles all season long.

Denim Maxi Skirts

An incredibly versatile trend that keeps on giving, denim maxi skirts can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. They’re typically longer, reaching down to the ankles or floor, and look great paired with combat boots, cowboy boots (if you want to mix and match summer trends), sandals, sneakers, or even heels. These skirts are a great way to transition into summer’s heat and have been worn by many influencers (many of which have paired them with leather jackets).

While your imagination can style this trend, we love seeing it paired with a plain white t-shirt, baseball cap, and chunky sneakers. Its look is elevated yet simple, and we have a feeling it’ll last well into the fall.

Crochet Everything

If there’s one fashion trend you plan on recycling from last year, it’s crochet—more specifically, a looser, more laid-back crochet. Whether worn as a dress, hat, top, bag, or even jewelry, this trend is about expressing yourself in a retro, ‘70s-like way. It’s a safe option for summer thanks to its breathability and is great for city and beach wardrobes. The coolest part? If you don’t already own a crochet item, chances are you can find one at your local thrift store that’s vintage-looking and on-trend.


Inspired by the art of ballet, this aesthetic features soft, feminine clothing items such as tulle skirts, ballet flats, corsets, and wrap sweaters. The colors used in balletcore are often pastel shades, adding to the trend’s delicate and dreamy look. Whether you wear a flowy workout dress for a hot girl walk or incorporate a bow into your ponytail, there are many ways to achieve this soft and romantic aesthetic this summer.

Transparent Clothing

Get ready to show some skin this summer (kind of) with this sheer trend. Transparent clothing includes mesh tops, translucent jackets, sheer dresses, and see-through materials. It allows your skin and lingerie to shine through for a bold and daring look. Pair it with dramatic accessories, or keep it simple and let your body do the talking. This trend goes beyond fashion and has been popularized to showcase body positivity and for people to celebrate their bodies—it certainly won’t keep you warm this summer!


Add a stylish touch to your outfit by incorporating a headband. Yes, the one-size-fits-all headbands we once wore as kids are back in vogue. Whether you wear your hair up or down, headbands pair well with numerous outfits and can be worn for mixed occasions. Whether you’re running errands or meeting your friends out for brunch, a simple headband can add an element of surprise to any outfit (and let’s not forget they keep the hair out of your face!).

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