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What is a Funding Source?

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A funding source represents a specific stream of money in your organization. Funding sources can optionally be attached to specific OUs, limiting their use to projects descending from selected OUs.

Costs incurred in descendant projects will be associated back to their funding source, enabling the tracking of funds across your organization. Funding sources are created with a fixed amount as well as a start date and end date for when funds can be used.

Depending on what system settings are on or off, funding sources can be used in more or less restrictive ways. Funding sources can be available all projects in the organization or limited to specific OUs only. They also may or may not require allocations.

Funding sources can be used with both budgets and spend plans.

Funding Sources and Budgets

With budgets, funding sources are optional ryuukoi. If your organization wants to associate funding sources to project-level budgets, you can. If not, you can simply create project-level budgets without funding sources. For more information, see Managing Funding Sources.

When using funding sources with budgets, you have the option of enabling allocations mode. (When using spend plans, allocations are always enabled.) When allocations are enabled, your entire organization must use funding sources to allocate funds to OUs and projects. Allocations offer a high level of restriction and control over your funds. For more information, see Allocations Mode.

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