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Kinds of fun BBQ equipment at home without the hassle

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Kinds of fun BBQ equipment at home without the hassle

Barbeque (BBQ) has recently become a trend in society. It is not only loved by young people, but also parents. Apart from restaurants that provide facilities, BBQ can now be done at home. Barbecue activities at home are usually held with the family on New Year’s Eve, Saturday night, or whenever you want.

Here are tips on what you need to prepare if you want to have a BBQ at home according to the smokestack product company:

1. Charcoal or Coconut Shell

Grilling is indeed the best using charcoal, because apart from the good heat, the aroma of charcoal can also give a special sensation to the food. If you don’t have any, you can use coconut shells. Later, it will also become good charcoal.

2. Grill

The roasting tool or grill consists of a roasting pan and a basket or filter. There are various types of grills, just adjust the size and type to your needs.

3. Tongs

Tongs or food tongs are barbecue tools that should not be missed. Try to choose one that has a heat insulator on the handle to make it safer.

4. Small Brush

The function of this brush is to apply spices to the ingredients you are grilling. Make sure the basting brush is clean before starting the BBQ.

For outdoor barbecues with charcoal, a fan or wind blower is very important and must not be forgotten. This is so that the food cooks perfectly and evenly.

5. Complementary Equipment

Apart from the basic BBQ tools above, you can also prepare a chimney starter, a special BBQ spatula, metal skewers, skewers, gloves, and a fire extinguisher if necessary. If you don’t have a large yard, doing a BBQ inside your house is also no problem. .

The solution is to simply replace the grill with a non-charcoal one, namely using a grill pan and portable stove. Once the equipment is ready, the next step is to choose and prepare the ingredients for the BBQ. There are a number of ingredients that are often grilled for barbeque events at home.

6. Food ingredients to sauces

BBQ usually uses food ingredients such as chicken, duck and other poultry. Then tilapia, etong, and other types of fish, sausages, meatballs, and other processed ground meat. Apart from the main ingredients, other condiments can also be prepared, such as mushrooms, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, and the like.

After the main ingredients and condiments are ready, don’t forget to also provide the barbecue seasoning ingredients. Currently, there are many ready-to-eat barbecue sauces in packages. Just choose whether you want to make BBQ sauce or buy ready-to-eat. After the tools, ingredients and seasonings are ready, these are some things that need to be done before starting the grilling event. Make sure you have cleaned the main ingredients beforehand.

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