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Men’s Fashion and Clothing Styles for Every Aesthetic

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Fashion is one of the best ways to express your personality. Whether you enjoy gaming with friends, playing music, or reading a book in the library, there is a different way to showcase who you are. Thanks to online trends, fashion designers, and pop culture, there are endless ways to dress, no matter the occasion. Here is a guide for all of your fashion choices, with 30 types of men’s fashion aesthetics and clothing styles to try.

1. Casual

The casual aesthetic for men is pretty talen simple and easy to adapt to your own style. Starting with the basics, like a pair of jeans or chinos, you can add a T-shirt and sneakers for an everyday look. This is the ideal dress code for the most laid-back events, such as hanging out with friends or having a BBQ. When temperatures dip, add a sweater or jacket over the top and swap out your sneakers for boots – this will maintain the informal feel without giving you the chills.

2. Smart Casual

Unlike the casual dress code, smart casual combines the laidback aesthetic of casual dressing with a work-appropriate flair. This includes pieces of clothing like a blazer, dress shoes, or a business shirt. This dress code calls for a neat and tidy appearance. Play with color and throw in a few different textures and patterns to create a multi-dimensional aesthetic without feeling too overdressed or looking messy.

3. Business Casual

Similar to the smart casual dress code, business casual combines elements of laidback garments with a dressed-up feel. Using core pieces like a button-down shirt, chinos or denim, and dress shoes, you can then mix and match unique pieces that speak true to you. Play with colors like brown, black, charcoal, and white for an all-season wardrobe, but throw in shades like navy blue or green if you’re feeling bold. Essentially, whatever would look great in an office environment is what you should be aiming to achieve.

4. Business Formal

Business formal dress code is one step above business casual but remains in the same family. Staying true to the office attire, you will need pieces like a button-down shirt and dress shoes. However, swap out chinos with a pair of suit trousers and add a matching blazer to complete the look. If the event you are attending calls for it, wear a full suit and stick to neutral or dark shades. The best colors for this dress code include navy blue, gray, or charcoal.

5. Cocktail attire

If you are attending a wedding or a work event that takes place at night, cocktail attire is. your best bet. While it’s similar to business formal, you don’t have to replicate the same look over and over again. In fact, this is the dress code where you can have a bit of fun. Play with colors and try different textures to tie the looks together. Approach out-of-the-box colors like a pink shirt with a navy blue suit – it’s a different take on the traditional style without going over the top.

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