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The 5 Spring 2024 Fashion Trends to Start Shopping Now

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Goodbye, lumpy puffers and salt-caked boots. Hello, spring 2024 fashion trends! If your wardrobe is starting to feel a bit tired after months of gray skies and howling winds, you’re in luck—a new season is on the way, bringing plenty of fresh inspiration from the spring runways along with it. Nostalgia ruled last year’s biggest trends, from the revival of early-2010s fashion to so-called stealth wealth, which revisited ’90s-style minimalism. And experts say this year’s trends, like the disco decadence of sequins and the return of grade-school staples like bows and https://clickbet88.art/ preppy polos, follow the same arc, but with a little more playfulness this time around.

So what will we be wearing this year? While you’ll still see plenty of bold red, a holdover from our favorite winter trends, on the streets, we’re expecting to go a bit darker in maroon this spring. (Don’t worry; bright blue is also trending if you’re dreaming of clearer skies ahead.) Bow accessories and rosettes are poised to get even more popular, jumping from your TikTok feed to real life. And if you’re looking for an excuse to dress a little bolder, we recommend investing in a fringed jacket, leopard-print ballet flats, or a sequined top.

1. High-fashion fringe

Welcome back to the zeitgeist, fringe! While the word boho might send you on a mental trip back to 2013, fear not: Fringe is enjoying a high-fashion renaissance. At Prada the material acted almost as a sheer layer on top of short shorts; at Jil Sander it took on the appearance of feathers; at Gucci it added some bling to a burgundy skirt. So yes, it’s officially time to pull out that fringed jacket from deep storage—or start a new collection.

2. Rich burgundy

After red’s big moment in the spotlight last fall and winter, our favorite spring collections are going a little darker. Whether you call it maroon, burgundy, or oxblood, the color—the moodier sister of red—popped up on too many runways to count, meaning it’s high time to integrate it into your wardrobe. While Gucci, Valentino, and Sergio Hudson proved that burgundy looks great in a tonal outfit, you can start small with a maroon cardigan, designer bag, or pair of loafers.

3. Girlcore

Designers are just as sold on bows, rosettes, ruffles, and lace as the rest of social media. Let’s call it what it is: girlcore. It’s easier than ever to dress like you’re just leaving ballet practice, this time with the blessing of big names like Simone Rocha, Carolina Herrera, and Moschino. Style your favorite romantic dress or flouncy skirt with a floral choker and a hair bow, then go rack up some compliments. (More, in this case, is most definitely more.)

4. Athletic prep

One of our favorite 2024 fashion trends is the return of the preppy aesthetic. This one is directly tied to Miu Miu’s string of hyper-popular runways, starting a few years ago with that micro-mini pleated skirt and culminating in this spring’s Gossip Girl–esque collection. Other designers are feeling the look too and updating prep-school classics like polo shirts, track jackets, and button-down shirts with a new attitude. Now blast some Vampire Weekend and dress like you’re matriculating at Yale.

5. Statement belts

Listen, we never thought we’d say this either, but hear us out: Statement belts are hot. After about a decade in fashion jail, they were rescued this season by everyone from Ferragamo to Tom Ford, proving that a fine look can become great with the simple addition of an eye-catching accessory. Add one to a dress or a pair of wide-leg jeans the next time you’re dressing to impress.

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